Wednesday, April 12, 2023

LCG President's Report by Janet Crozier

Spring is such an interesting time for gardeners. First, you get the itch to start gardening, you look through seed catalogs and visit nurseries and make your plan. You start planting your seeds. After all, the temperature says it’s 70, 80, and even 90 degrees. Perfect you say. But then ……. What! The temperature is in the upper 30s and if you are lucky, it doesn’t freeze and then there is the wind to contend with. All that enthusiasm changes to “What, I have to replant my tomatoes?” Welcome to Texas weather, friends. We are just glad we are not having feet of snow to contend with or tornados (not yet at least). I am hearing sentiments like these from some of our new gardeners.

Despite the weather, we have added 6 new gardeners since the beginning of our spring planting. You should see how the garden beds are thriving. Thank God for the rain. Our rain barrels are full and being utilized. Even the Girls Scouts had to come in and see what we are growing. We even let them taste lettuce and a stray carrot.

We have been blessed with new Master Gardeners needing their volunteer hours. Karen Allen and Linda Johnson have completely revitalized the pollinator garden. It’s already looking tended. Our garden members were out in force on Saturday morning cleaning the walkways and untended garden beds. Thanks to all the help we are receiving, the gardens look great.

I have been attending the Chamber of Commerce Wednesday Networking meetings and have met so many interesting people who are interested in gardening. The Chamber has been so good about getting our activities on their calendar that goes out to all their members. It’s another way to get the word out about who we are and where we are located.

We had a meeting on March 30 to plan our event at the Arts in the Park. Many of our gardeners will be volunteering, some Master Gardeners, and friends will be showing up to help make this a fun time for the kids. Many thanks to Kenya Martin for all her hard work making our flyers and postings on Facebook. We have been posting the flyers all around the Square.

I have been in contact with Marion Vance of Season Three Winery. We have been in communication concerning the proposed Wine Tasting Fundraiser to be held in May. I have obtained the permit for the event and talked to HEB about a donation for appetizers and waters for the event. They will also provide the meat for the BBQ that Dusty Dreher has offered to grill for us.

I attended the Town Hall meeting to go over the plans for the Eclipse that is to take place in April of 2024. There is a lot of good planning taking place. There still are a lot of things to be worked out. The parks are in question whether they will be open or not. The city seems to be worried about the investment that they have in the infrastructure within the parks. There was some opposition as the townspeople objected to closing the parks, the city’s main feature. We will see how that evolves.