Wednesday, February 1, 2023

2023 Season Kick-Off

Lampasas Community Gardens invites all gardeners to our 2023 Season Kick off! Let’s gather and celebrate the coming growing season. We will start off with a potluck meet and greet, followed by a Square Foot Gardening starter course taught by Janet Crozier, and finally a seed swap where you will have the opportunity to try out new varieties of both vegetables and flowers. A $10 donation is suggested for this wonderful event. Proceeds to go to Lampasas Community Gardens, a non-profit that provides space and education opportunities for those looking to start their own garden in a community bed. Please register for the kick-off by emailing

Class details:

Janet will walk you through the benefits of gardening with the Square Foot gardening method. This method allows the most efficient use and the highest yield for your garden beds.

Potluck details: A main course will be provided, sides and desserts are welcome! Please reach out to sign up so we can get a list together.

Seed Swap details: Viable seeds will need to be divided, bagged, and labeled. 2x3 inch ziplock bags can be provided upon request prior to the event. Each label should tell the plant Name, Variety, source (either where you purchased them, or if you self harvested), and # of days until harvest. Number of seeds per bag will depend on crop type. See below for number of seeds per bag:

Ornamental flowers- 5+ (depending on size, give what you can)
Leafy greens- 10+
Root vegetables (carrots, beets, etc.)- 15+
Vining vegetables (melons, cucumbers, peas)- 5+
Herbs (basil, thyme, etc.)- 5+
Upright vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, etc.)- 3+

Feel free to reach out with specific questions. We look forward to starting the new growing season among friends!