Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Square Foot Gardening Classes


      Lampasas Community Gardens is winding down our Fall Garden planting. Lettuces, radishes, broccoli, and kale are still viable though by planting plants, not seeds. Though the projected freeze date is coming up sometime in November, most of our plants should survive a light freeze. This is the time to get your tools cleaned and sharpened and put away for the winter months.
To get ready for the spring season, take advantage of some free classes to learn about the Square Foot Garden Method and plan for the early winter and spring planting season. We will be featuring the Square Foot Garden in November, December, and January. Come and find out what makes a Square Foot Garden different from how your grandparents gardened. Let us help you plan what and when to plant. We will even throw in a nutrition class along the way. Then, weather permitting, we will build a demonstration garden in the Lampasas Community Gardens. See the flyer below for the dates and times of the classes. These classes are for everyone who wants to garden, at home, on an apartment balcony, or rent a garden bed at the Lampasas Community Gardens.
     The 3rd Edition Square Foot Garden manual will be for sale at the class for those who wish to purchase it. It is not mandatory. The classes are free, however, donations are welcome and will go to the Lampasas Community Gardens scholarship fund.